I wrote a post about QuickAds a week ago today and, since it has been a full week, I thought I would give an update on how its going. To recap, QuickAds is an new ad service that comes with the Firefox blogging plugin ScribeFire and allows you to designate ad space and, instead of only advertising with one service, like, Google Ads, advertise with all different ad services at once. Their super computer decides what the best ad for your site is based on the keywords and then throws up the ad they think will make the most money there.

The first thing that I wanted to add is that two of my original complaints were unfounded. I was annoyed that I thought you couldn’t change the color of the ad (you can, here by clicking “Customize”) and I thought that you were trapped into using their ad placement widget instead of being able to just put the code (you can just get the code and put it wherever you want using this link). The cool thing about the second thing is that that means that you can use Quick Ads even if you aren’t using Firefox or Scribe Fire. All you would need to do is add the code to your site and then take advantage of their ad services. I like that idea.

Now, a week later, so far I am not altogether thrilled with the results. I have been making more on my Project Wonderful ads which have been up for less time. Overall, the profits seem to be the same as what I make with my Google Adsense account and I don’t have to give anyone a commission there. I am going to keep these ads up for a bit longer to see how they perform but I did discover something interesting.

QuickAds intext ads made the most of any type of advertising I have tried. The only problem is they were incredibly annoying. They were all or nothing too which is why I finally disabled them. I would activate them if I could specify that they are only in the post text but they were putting ads into the title and subtitle of the site, description, and comments and it looked horrible. It’s a shame, though, because they were making the most money but I’m not sure its worth it to annoy my readers so I disabled them until they come up with some kind of customization for how they display.

Now I am wondering if these made the most just because of the QuickAds model or if intext ads are just the way to go. I might try some other intext ads and see how those work and report back.

Overall, not willing to count these out yet but I’m less excited about this service than I was before.