Since we were just talking about Facebook ads the other day, I wanted to alert you to some new features in metrics and insights that they are reporting today.

Here is the full announcement:

Announcing New Facebook Advertising Metrics


We’ve been busy iterating on the Facebook Ads product to further improve your advertising experience on Facebook. One of the areas we’ve been working on specifically is the analytics and reports included in your Ad Manager.

We’re happy to announce three new Insights reports that will better help you understand how your ads are performing. You may download
( the new metrics into an Excel document or as Comma Separated Values. In addition, you can select the type of report you’d like to export:

“Responder Demographics” report: Facebook users spend a lot of time connecting with friends and family on Facebook – uploading photos, writing on each others’ Walls, posting notes. Now you can find out who is interacting with your ads. This report provides the aggregate age, gender and geographic location of the users who have clicked on your ad.

“Responder Profiles” report: In addition to age, gender and geographic location of the users who have clicked on your ad, we’re happy to provide psychographic information of these same users. This data is aggregated from user profiles and shows common interests, favorite TV shows, movies, books and music.

“Advertising Performance” report: This report will give you a downloadable version of the performance information you already see
online– impressions, clicks and click-through rates—as well as a new section for performance data by unique user and performance data specific to your ads that contained social actions, if applicable.

You can also choose to summarize your report by Account, Campaign or Ad. Account reports will give you statistics at the account level, which means that all metrics will be totaled across all ads and campaigns. The Campaign reports will break these statistics down to the campaign level, and the Ad reports will break them down further to the individual ad level.

The “View” option allows you to choose what unit of time your report will be broken down by. Monthly reports will give you statistics totaled by month, while weekly or daily reports will be totaled by those units of time. Please note that not all time options will be available for all reports.

These reports are only the beginning of the new Insights we hope to deliver to you. While the reports currently are downloads, we’ll be working to make more of the metrics available directly in Ad Manager over time.

If you have questions about the new metrics or need a glossary for terms exported in your reports, please visit the Help Center ( or contact our team using the form located here (

As always, we welcome any feedback you might have to help us make our advertising products as effective and useful as possible.

Enjoy the new metrics!

The Facebook Ads Team

I haven’t really gotten to take a look at these new reports but, when I do, I will add a quick update.