I spend a lot of time on Twitter (you can follow me at http://www.twitter.com/hillarydepiano) and there is a lot to love about it. There are also a few things that I wish Twitter could do. Here is my own personal Twitter wish list but please feel free to add your own “dream features” in the comments below.

  • The ability to follow a Twitter Search result. I know that you can subscribe to a Twitter search result in RSS but that isn’t what I want. I want to subscribe to a specific search result (say nanowrimo for National Novel Writing Month or my name) just like its someone I am following. Make those search results pop up just like all the people I am following. This would let you stay on top of people talking about your brand in real time while you are looking at Twitter instead of having to wait until you look at your RSS feed.
  • The ability to subscribe to all updates in Google Reader. While you can subscribe to all Twitter updates via RSS, this requires password authentication which Google Reader cannot handle. Sure, there are other RSS readers out that that can handle it but I don’t feel like switching. (In case you are wondering why I want to subscribe, Twitterfox only keeps the last 20 posts so if I miss a day, I can only catch up now by visiting the website).
  • Ability to make a “sticky” tweet. Picture those people on your buddy list who tweet the same thing several times a day. Instead, let them specify a “sticky” tweet (like a sticky thread in a forum) and that stays on the top of their page for the day no matter how many other Tweets they write after that. I’m sure this would be abused like heck, but I just want a way to leave my most important messages at the top even if I think of something else to say. I want to keep some things “above the fold” even if I have more to say later.
  • Groups! (I know, they are beta-ing this right now but I still want to play with it!) Specifically, I want to be able to organize my followers into groups (my eBay people, my writer friends, my real life friends, etc) and maybe even send tweets only to specific groups. Right now, you’d have to create a whole new account for each group to do that.

OK, so that’s what I am wishing for. How about you?