If you aren’t on Facebook very often (or if you just haven’t really explored it) you may not realize that Facebook has a marketplace where you can sell things. It is very similar to Craig’s List in that it is mostly designed to be a local marketplace but it has the capability to let you make your listing available to everyone on Facebook.

To access the Marketplace, log into your account and, under application on the right hand navbar, select Marketplace (you may need to hit “more” to see it). Once there, you have the option to either “Add a new Listing” or “List what you want.” List what you want is similar to eBay’s Want It Now where you can post things that you are seeking. If you are looking to sell something, you want “Add a new listing.”

Now there is a big warning that says “Do not use Marketplace to advertise businesses or services or your account may be terminated.” In other words, this is for listing your products, not a listing for your blog/store/website.

My advice? Stick with more general listings unless you sell a lot of a particular item. For instance, instead of individually listing every My Little Pony toy Priced Nostalgia has up for sale (which would take forever and be constantly changing) I would just put up a listing that is for Vintage My Little Pony for sale and then include the link to listings in my description. This way I can leave it up for a while instead of changing it with every new item. Now, if I were to list a specific item that I have a lot of, such as one of my books, I would just create a listing for that one product individually. These product pages are also eligible for Facebook ads so you can drive traffic to a listing if you wish.

Now, select the category of your item and proceed. When it comes to filling in the details of your product, make sure to include the link to your store so that people know where to buy the item. Also, make sure to check off the option that says, “Let search engines and people outside of the above networks access this listing.” This makes sure that your listing shows not only in your own networks but everywhere (which is obviously more useful).

While you can do sales on the Marketplace just like with Craig’s List, to me, the Facebook Marketplace is more useful as a traffic generator and a way to reach a new audience with your products.