Facebook ads a big question mark in the world of online advertising. Is anyone looking at them? Are they doing any good? Are they worth the money?

I thought I would throw some random info into the mix. I don’t pretend to know what it means but I know that a lot of people are timid about marketing on Facebook so I wanted to just throw my data out there.

A while ago, Priced Nostalgia started running some Facebook ads for our My Little Pony price guides. (For us, the bulk of the women on Facebook are the exact demographic for those books.)

We have the ad (well, ads, as there are several varieties running right now) linking to this page. We had to use a tiny url because our link was too long for Facebook but this links to a page in our store that is not only selling the books for which the ads are about but also any other My Little Pony items we have up at the moment. At the moment, we have very little up but sometimes we have several hundreds items. This link is also an eBay referral link.

Now here’s the part I want you to chew on: We’ve spent $58.84 total on all of our Facebook ads for these books since September 8th, 2008. But we’ve made $40.52 back in eBay Partner Referral Fees (we set up a campaign to track this) on these Facebook ads. So we have been advertising pretty heavily for just about 2 months and essentially only spent $19.32.

Now I know half of you will say, “They are getting ripped off” and half will say, “Great deal, I’m going to sign up” so I’m not going to tell you what I take away from this because we are each running our own businesses with our own ideas. I will say that I was pleasantly surprised that, on advertising we were going to do anyway, we actually made some money back on our conversions and I definitely intent to play with it some more in the future.

Anyone else played with Facebook Ads? Want to share your findings?