Auctiva is happy to announce off-eBay stores powered by Auctiva Commerce.

Starting in January 2009, you will be able to set up an online store using Auctiva Commerce. We have the best features and prices available to help you easily build and manage your store. Watch our demo video to get a sneak peek.

We know it has become increasingly difficult to make money on eBay. Creating your own online store with Auctiva Commerce is the answer.

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Auctiva Commerce Team

I don’t love their verbiage (why not, We know it has become increasingly difficult for some people to make money on eBay) but I am excited to see what they have to offer. I really love Auctiva’s free services and would love to see what this new service is like.

To me, the future of selling online is not the next eBay clone but rather selling on your own store. The deal breaker on this Auctiva service, for me, will be how much you can brand it and otherwise integrate it with your existing website.

You can view their demo video below: