When I was in college, I was selling a huge batch of Star Trek figures for a Trading Assistant client before Christmas. One of my good friends was a casual eBay buyer but was fascinated by the selling aspect of it and used to watch my auctions all the time. (Interesting fact: Said friend was the roommate for 4 years of my now husband.)

He imed me and asked if he could bid on some of my items. I told him, of course, and he ended up winning one of the figures (I sadly don’t remember which one). Mind you, it took him like 3 weeks to pay me which is even more pathetic since I saw him every day, especially since when he did finally pay it was via PayPal which I consider to be a party foul since he made me pay fees. I naturally ribbed him about this.

After shouting across the quad at him, “Don’t make me file a non-paying bidder report on you! Don’t think I won’t do it!” he finally paid me that day and I walked over to his dorm and handed him his item (fastest and easiest shipping ever).

So the next day I am looking at my feedback and my buddy had left me feedback and it was a positive and all it said was, “Enjoy the eggnog!” I’m like, what kind of feedback is that? Then, on a whim, I walk over to the fridge in my apartment and there is a carton of eggnog with a post-it note on it that says “for Hillary.” I consider this a more than fair trade for making me wait and pay PayPal fees.

Sadly, that feedback is so buried back in my feedback list I couldn’t even find it to get the exact wording or date but it will stick forever in my mind as my favorite feedback ever.

So consider this a little wish from me that you and yours have an excellent holiday, whichever holiday you celebrate, and a wonderful, and successful, New Year!