So I was looking at sites linking to this website and I discovered this eBay listing. I am mystified. That listing seems to have been set up only to drive traffic to my post about how to get the eBay Live Cashback discount as well as a few other random links. The poster says that he/she is trying to increase his/her traffic but I am unclear how advertising my blog will help this person with that.

I appreciate the extra traffic, I suppose, since there are decent number of hits on that listing but I am afraid that most people are going to think that I created this post which I most definitely did not. I am pretty convinced that its against eBay policies as well as she isn’t actually selling anything and has external links and I am also a little wary of being associated with a listing in violation of policies. Especially against my will and in such a very random way. On the other hand, I suppose there is no real harm to it.

What mystifies me the most, though, is what does the seller get out of it? I mean, he/she paid 35 cents to basically drive traffic to some other random sites.

I guess I just don’t get it. Can someone explain this one to me?