So I had never heard of Seller Circle, the free third party eBay tool provider until I was shopping around on eBay and saw a fellow seller using their tools. You know me and free stuff so I had to check it out.

The coolest part about this site is that, even without signing up, they let you (remember, for free):

  • Burn an RSS of all your listed items (sure, eBay store owners get this already but if you don’t have a store and didn’t feel like messing with an RSS search, it’s a nice feature).
  • Your own storefront for all your eBay items (also useful if you don’t have an eBay store as it’s like a free eBay Store)
  • Browser search (for Firefox and IE) and Dashboard widgets
  • This groovy little gallery guy that you can either have float at the bottom of your page or just put inline. This puppy can go on any website so you could just as easily put it on your blog or other similar site as put it on you eBay listings.

Now, if you sign up, you gain some social aspects including groups and other stuff like that that I am not into but I know some people are.

Anyway, some cool little tools from this service that can be used on eBay or off for free without even the hassle of registering? Me likey!

PS: I just tried to put the little gallery here so you could see an example but apparently WordPress doesn’t like it straight up so I would have to fiddle. Instead, here is an inline one on a Priced Nostalgia listing (scroll all the way to the bottom above the gallery picture to see it). I like it enough we may ditch the Auctiva one in favor of this as it is a slick bit of code and shows more listings at a time than the Auctiva store window.