People, lists are the new black. We are busy people, we like things short and sweet. We love a good list and our clicks prove it? But what is the appeal of the mighty list? Prepare yourself for a list. . . about lists.

  1. 5 Reasons Why We All Click On Lists from tremendous news. A great starting point and a very funny look at what we all like about lists.
  2. The Growing Popularity of Popularity Lists from The Wall Street Journal. This article takes a look look at the growing trend of lists in news sites and blogs.
  3. How to Write Attractive and Helpful Content for Your Visitors. A useful article about structuring your blog post as a list and the article itself is, you guessed it, also a list. 
  4. 5 Tips To Writing Quality Quick Posts. Some helpful tips about writing blog posts quickly, this article is not only a list but also gives tips for writing lists
  5. Look at This Article. It’s One of Our Most Popular: Top-Ten Lists Abound Online, but Following the Herd Can Make You Wonder About the Wisdom of Crowds. Also from The Wall Street Journal, this article looks into the popularity of lists, particularly most popular or most read lists and their affect on what we read online.

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