Previously, if you wanted your RSS feed (be that the one for your blog, Twitter feed, eBay store, whatever) to import into Facebook, your best option was Notes.

When you imported your RSS via Note, you simply went to the notes tab and select the import from RSS option. This feature automatically imported every single thing that came along the RSS feed you gave it as a Note which posted to your profile.

The good thing was that this was automatic. The bad thing was that it then posted the entire content of your blog posts there on your page so why would anyone ever actually visit your site. In the end, it cost you traffic (and maybe ad dollars if that is how you roll).

Gosh, I used to say to myself over and over again, if only we could import an RSS as Links instead of Notes.

There are a few apps now that do this but NetworkedBlogs is the very best around. It works not only for multiple blogs but also has fantastic integration with Pages as well as your profile. If that wasn’t enough, it also gives you a great way to interact with your favorite blogs and blog authors on Facebook.

How to set up your blog (or any other RSS feed) with NetworkedBlogs:

  1. While logged into Facebook, go to the NetworkedBlogs app page and add the app. 
  2. On the home tab, click the “+Add a New Blog” button
  3. That button takes you to a form which you should fill in with all relevant details
  4. After successfully adding your blog, you’ll need to verify yourself as the author of it. There are two ways to do this. The first is to just get 5 friends to confirm that you are the author. The second is to just put a little widget on your site until the verify it (then you can remove it if you wish).

If you have multiple blogs, simply repeat the steps above for each blog. You’ll need to verify yourself as the author of each one separately, however, which may take some time.

How to import your blog posts as links to your Profile or Facebook page:

  1. Once your blog is set-up with NetworkedBlogs, go to the Feed Settings link under the thumbnail of your blog. (You’ll need to do this with each blog individually, it cannot be done in bulk).
  2. Once there you can opt to either automatically publish every link from your RSS or to manually only update links that you choose. Select the option you prefer and then hit the blue Save button on the bottom.
  3. Now every single blog post you post will automatically post as a link to your Profile. You can set up as many blogs as you wish to all post to the same profile if you wish. 

Other features you may wish to take advantage of

  • While in NetworkedBlogs, go to the profile tab. Here you can set up a profile of you as a blogger and see all the blogs that you author at a glance.
  • Follow your favorite blogs on Facebook using NetworkedBlogs. Even if a specific site hasn’t been set-up yet, you can add it to the list yourself for the author to claim later.
  • Syndicate your NetworkedBlog feeds to your Pages. You can do this with both blogs you author and blogs you don’t, giving yourself an easy way to fill a page with content without writing it. 

You can favorite The Whine Seller on NetworkedBlogs here. Once you get your blog set up with NetworkedBlogs, please post the link below so that we can easily find you.