If you have set up a Facebook Page for your business, blog, book or for any other reason, Facebook has just rolled out a powerful new tool for managing it. If you haven’t set up a Facebook page, here is a tutorial to get you started (it is fast and easy and a great marketing tool).

What this tool does do:

  • automatically posts anything you post to your Facebook page to, in turn, post to Twitter (this includes notes, links, videos, pictures, etc)
  • gives you the option to select which elements of the page will import (IE you can chose to have only wall updates post but not notes, etc)

What this tool doesn’t do:

  • it doesn’t go the other way around (IE, it doesn’t automatically send every tweet to your Facebook page)
  • It doesn’t let you link multiple Twitter accounts to the same page

Let me walk you through how to set it up:
If you already have a Facebook page set up (or just set it up as per above), log into Facebook and visit that page. At the top of your page, you’ll see a white bock that says “Link Your Page to Your Twitter Account” like this:

Hit the click here and then hit the Link to Twitter button on the next page:

Once you hit the Link to Twitter button, it will take you to a Twitter login screen where you can login through Twitter’s secure login and link your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Once the account has been linked, the row for that page will look like the one for My Little Pony Collecting. That “Edit Settings” button below it will allow you to decide which options to automatically import via checkbox.

And you are done!

The usefulness of this tool is if, like me, you now need only log into one place (Facebook) and when you post to your page there, it will also post to Twitter. What I love about this is that you can make your Facebook page more interactive while still keeping your Twitter account alive. I also find it much easier to manage multiple Twitter accounts this way as you need only log into Facebook once and then can access all your Twitter accounts without having to log in again.

Run into any problems? Have questions? Any suggestions on how to use this? Please post below.