Consider this your friendly reminder for The Whine Seller. Next week is the infamous, week of September 22nd when the new eBay insurance policy goes live.

Are you ready? Here’s a quick checklist of stuff to do to be ready for this change:

  • Go through your live listings and be sure to remove any mention of “items ship at buyer’s risk” or insurance being optional. You may want to add a note that says insurance is now included in your shipping costs if that is now the case. If you are worried about DSRs I would recommend making that a really big note, maybe a fancy graphic so that buyer’s understand why your costs are a little higher.
  • For list listings for more expensive or fragile items, you should either raise their price a bit to cover shipping or simply up your shipping or handling on those items to cover the insurance fee
  • Be sure to edit your templates to be insurance policy compliant so that future listings will be correct without extra work on your part

What are you doing to prepare for this change? Any suggestions? Sound off below.