Normally on The Whine Seller, I am trying to help you out but today, I need help from you.

Here is the situation. My brother, in Florida, and myself, in New Jersey, want to start doing a weekly podcast together. While we may want have callers and audience members in the future, for the first few episodes, we just want it to be the two of us. (This will have nothing to do with eBay or e-commerce and everything to do with nothing.)

Here is what we want:

  • the ability to record both of us at the same time, preferably over the telephone
  • the ability to edit the final file (because my brother is a maniac and I need to be able to have the option to edit out some of what might go on)

In an idea world, all it would be is something that recorded our conversation that I could edit later and put in an standard intro of some kind.

What would you recommend as the best website/software for doing this?