So I am a guest blogger today over at TameBay with my post Where to sell online where I do a review of just about every site that I have ever sold on. (Well, the ones that didn’t go out of business, anyway. ;-))

I wanted to do an eBay related post for the benefit of anyone stopping by for the first time from TameBay and decided to resurrect the following post I started ages ago that I never posted.

I still like eBay.

Lordy, children, cover your ears! Listen to that filth she’s spilling. She must work for eBay! She must be getting some kick-back! She is drinking the Kool Aide!

Let me clarify. I don’t like them like Rah Rah eBay, everything you do is perfect. Hell, read the archives if you want to see how often they annoy me. But I still like most of what they do and, more importantly, my business is still making money there. More money there than anywhere else, may I add.

That’s impossible. eBay is the devil! eBay is your boss! You are eBay’s slave! You disgust me. If you still sell on eBay you’re an idoit, a fool, Satan himself!!!

OK, those reactions are fictional if based on things I’ve read. But let’s take this awesomeness that an actual real commentor posted on this post.

. . . Shame on you. Obviously you are very naive of human nature. . . Maybe if you accidentally get bowled over in a crowd and stomped on, and get to experience as you are racked with horrible pain from the tromping of many careless shoes stepping on you, what it is to hear the indifferent remarks of the people walking away from your crumpled body, while they coldly remark,”Good riddance, probably deserved to be tromped on anyways!”

Only then you might have an inkling what it feels like to be the brunt of callous undeserving indifference as you just exhibited in your post over the undeserving fate of many sellers to the flawed DSR rating system. I doubt you will be brave enough to post this, if so, you aren’t that hopeless.

Let’s review. Shame on me. I am naive. But most importantly, she hopes I get trampled to death so that I understand what is it like to get a low DSR feedback. Also, I will have you know that, since I did post this, I am not “hopeless.” What she doesn’t get is that I could not possibly post this fast enough! This is solid comedy GOLD.

I hope you die painfully so that you understand what negative feedback is like.

Can we take a moment to talk about perspective? I get it. You are mad at eBay. Maybe it’s because the changes they made reuined your business. Maybe it’s because you found another site that you like better. Maybe it’s because you weren’t hugged enough as a child, what do I know? 

I also get that you have all this anger and no one to lash out at so you are turning on other sellers, blog commentors, etc. Liking eBay is a dirty word online and saying it can get your head bitten off.

Nothing about selling online is one size fits all and what works for me may not work for you. This is a given fact.

But I have to ask you, who is this anger helping? Shouldn’t you be spending the time you spend ranting, attacking, etc on building your business? I refuse to believe that all this negativity is helpful, especially for your blood pressure.

Why can’t we live and let live? Or, in this case, sell and let sell? I am happy for you that the new site you are selling on works for you, why can’t you be happy for me that selling on eBay still works for me?

Yes, my business on eBay is still thriving. That doesn’t mean I am doing something evil, getting a kick-back or drinking the Kool Aide to delude myself into only thinking my business is going well. It means my business is actually doing well.

This is not an aspersion on your business. Your business is probably awesome. Way better than mine. But it just may not have been a fit for eBay. And you know what, that isn’t my fault.

Can we chillax on all the anger, y’all?

If we can’t, can someone at least explain it to me?