So I promised back on the 14th to let you know what I would be auctioning off through eBay’s Giving Works to support the organizations helping out in Haiti with the earthquake.

One of the new features launching on The Whine Seller this year is a podcast where I will be offering audio versions of some of the most popular posts from the past as well as new, audio only content. Since nearly all of the items in our store right now belong to clients, I cannot give them away (as they do not belong to me) I realized that here was something I could give away to help raise money.

I am auctioning off three ad spots on the first three upcoming episodes of the new The Whine Seller Podcast. 100% of the proceeds of these listings are going to charity.

I cannot guarantee any specific number of listeners for your ad spot as this podcast is brand new but I can promise that I will put it on one of the most popular posts from the archives so that there will be interest and also that it will be on one of the first episodes so it will benefit from launch marketing. People will listen to it, I just cannot promise any exact number. If you have a specific request that your ad be on a given episode topic, please let me know and I would be happy to honor that if it’s possible.

So you get an inexpensive ad for your business, website, Twitter account, Facebook page, podcast, whatever and, in turn, we both help to raise money for some organizations trying to do some good in this and other crises.

I know everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to charities so I set up three different listings with three different benefiting organizations that I support. All three are for the same thing (30 second audio ad at the end of an upcoming episode), the charity is the only difference. There are no limitations so if you want to snag all three spots yourself, please be my guest. The point is to raise some money and do some good, after all, so the more the better! 🙂

If you want to place your bid, bidding for these ad spots starts at just $0.99. So even if you are against the charities for whatever reason, you are still getting a super cheap ad.

Here is the guide to which listing is for which organization:

Here is the listing text if you just want to know what you are getting before you click:

Title: Your 30 sec audio ad in The Whine Seller podcast (100%)


100% of the proceeds of this listing go to support the organization listed above so please, be generous!

In exchange for your donation, the 30 second audio ad of the winning bidder’s choice will be featured at the end of an upcoming episode of the new The Whine Seller podcast, based off The Whine Seller e-commerce blog. If the winning bidder does not have audio equipment, they can provide the copy for the article and The Whine Seller’s Hillary DePiano can record it for them. If the winning bidder wishes to, in turn, give their ad space to someone else, that is also permissible.

We cannot guarantee any specific number of listeners for your ad as this podcast has not yet launched but the ad will be left up indefinitely so there is ample opportunity for listeners to hear it. We can guarantee that it will be put on the audio version of one of the more
popular posts from The Whine Seller website so it should find listeners. Your ad will be featured on one of the very first episodes so it will coincide with launch marketing.

The ad you win in this listing will air in an episode between now and March 1st. The audience for the podcast features buyers and sellers from many e-commerce sites as well as social networking users such as Twitter, Facebook and more.

Please no ads with adult or offensive content. I reserve the right of final approval on ad content before airing.

Ads may be about anything. Some ideas to get you started are below.

You could advertise. . .

  • your Twitter account to get more followers.
  • your Facebook page to get more fans.
  • your eBay or other e-commerce store.
  • your blog, podcast, or website.
  • your book or ebook.
  • your services (such as web design or similar).

Even if you cannot bid, if you can post this link on Twitter, Facebook or your own website, it would be most appreciative. I would like to raise as much as possible (and certainly more than $3) so any help you can give would be wonderful! 🙂

Any questions or comments about this? Please share below!