eBay announced a lot of big changes today and I covered most of them here. But they snuck in something else that was easy to miss as it was buried in the FAQ on another page. I wanted to call your attention to this little tidbit.

What will happen with the existing 5¢ Insertion Fee promotion for media listings?
Insertion Fees in Books, Music, Movies & DVDs and Video Games listed with Product Details will continue to be 5¢ through December 31, 2010 regardless of subscription. Anchor Store subscribers listing in these categories will be charged the lower Insertion Fee of 3¢ beginning March 30, 2010 when the new pricing starts.

So, while it’s good that they are extending it through the end of the year, 2011 will mean higher fees for Media listings. Depending on whether you are a store owner or not, this can mean a pretty big increase as regular sellers will jump from 5 cents a listing to 50 cents.