Readers, I could really use your help right now. Kinda really freaking out right now.

Many years ago, when my business was new, I ordered shipping labels. I ordered WAY too many of them. As such, I have been working off that very same order for going on 10+ years.

About 6 months ago, I finally used the last of those labels and realized I had no idea where to get more. I started ordering labels in small batches from a bunch of different stores trying to find one I liked before committing to a big order.

I cannot find any label that

  1. isn’t so thin it won’t tear when I pull it off the backing 
  2. will stay stuck to the freaking package!!!!

The latest batch is so God-Awful, I just got back from the post office where three packages of mine were sitting with no labels on them, the labels had fallen off in transit. If the post office actually caught these three packages by some miracle, you know there are probably many more where those came from that they didn’t catch. I am freaking out because I have no idea how big a catastrophe this is. I have visions of every package I mailed out recently getting lost in space.

I need to turn to you for some help here. Where do you get your shipping labels? I really need a brand/store I can trust and I need to place an order ASAP because I don’t trust the current labels I have worth a damn so I’m afraid to mail anything. If you don’t feel comfortable posting publicly who you order your shipping labels from, please either email me or Direct Message me on Twitter (@hillarydepiano). I know some people jealously guard their suppliers but I am in a hell of a pinch here and hope somebody can help me out.

Here is what I absolutely require of my shipping labels:

  • They have good enough stickiness that they will not come off the package in transit
  • They are strong enough to not tear in normal use (shipping, tearing off of backing, etc)
  • They will work with my laser printer

I need the good old fashion 8.5 in by 11 in, 2 labels a sheet self-stick labels that seem to be the most common one that everyone uses. That is why it floors me it’s so hard to get good ones.

Other features that would be nice but are not deal breakers

  • labels have an edge for easier peeling
  • backing is a different color than label

Can anyone please help me out here?