I spelled impatience right on the first try, people. There socks must be lucky!

You know what else is lucky? This eBay listing fee sale that starts today!

A few of us on Twitter were lamenting the fact that this was the first ever eBay update where we were actually eager for the new fees to go into effect. For many of us, the new fees are such a good deal, it’s frankly annoying to be paying 35 cents a listing when we will be paying only 20 cents starting in April.

eBay has, for a change, heard our pleas and is giving store owners a listing fee sale on Fixed Price that lasts until the day the new fees go into effect. (That’s normal FP, not Store Inventory which is still 3 cents until it goes away.) So we can stop our belly aching and start reaping the discount benefits right away! Yay!

From eBay’s standpoint, this is really smart for three reasons

  1. It gives people who were thinking about getting a store to take advantage of the new fees an incentive to do so a full two months earlier than they likely would have. 
  2. It ensures that sellers like me will still list items as Fixed Price instead of cramming them all into Store Inventory while it’s still cheap (which I was totally planning to do).
  3. It ensures there are a ton of Buy It Now items in the marketplace for Valentine’s Day.

I know that eBay is only doing it for the reasons above but, heck, I don’t care why they are doing it as long as I get a little fee discount to keep my impatience from getting the better of me. 😉

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a whole bunch of Store Inventory items I have to go convert to Fixed Price before tomorrow. 😉

Here is the fee release in full:

Attention Store subscribers: List for just 10¢
Feb 2 – Mar 29

  • Applies to all Store levels and qualified sellers*
  • Take advantage of full search exposure
  • Ramp up your Fixed Price listings

  • *Who’s eligible?
    From February 2, 2010 through March 29, 2010, sellers who have a current eBay Store subscription and have a 12 month detailed seller rating of 4.5 or higher on all criteria, based on your Seller Dashboard, will pay just a 10¢ Insertion Fee per item listed in the Fixed Price format. New sellers who don’t yet have DSR ratings are also eligible. DSR rating criteria for this promotion will be based on the previous 12 months. To see your DSR ratings, go to your Seller Dashboard within My eBay. For more information on DSRs, click here.

    When is it?
    This promotion starts on Tuesday, February 2, 2010 at 00:00:01 PT (12:00 AM plus one second on Tuesday, February 2, 2010) and will end on Monday, March 29, 2010 at 23:59:59 PT (11:59 PM plus 59 seconds) (the “Promotional Period”). For listings on www.ebay.ca, the promotion will begin at 12:00 AM plus one second on Tuesday, February 2, 2010 ET and end on Monday, March 29, 2010 at 11:59 PM plus 59 seconds ET.

    What are the fees?
    During the Promotional Period, Fixed Price Insertion fees for Store subscribers will be 10¢ on the U.S. site www.ebay.com, www.eBayMotors.com (Parts and Accessories only) and eBay Canada www.ebay.ca as reflected in the fee table below. Listings created prior to February 2, 2010 which are scheduled to start during the Promotional Period will be eligible to receive the Promotional Rate.

    Please note: For sellers listing with any tool other than the latest version of the Sell Your Item form (SYI 3.0) the promotional price will not be shown during the listing process. Instead the discount will be reflected in the “View Account Status” section in My eBay, as well as in your next invoice.

    Fixed Price listings Regular Price Promotion Rate
    All regular categories $0.35 $0.10
    Media categories –
    Books, Movies & DVDs, Music, Video Games
    $0.15 $0.10
    All other fees (Final Value Fees and all other optional listing upgrade fees*) will still be charged.

    What is excluded?
    This promotion does not apply to the following listing types: Auction-style listings, eBay Motors Passenger Vehicles, Motorcycles, Power Sports, Boats, Other Vehicles, Motors Local Market, Real Estate, Classified Ads and Store Inventory listings. The following business and industrial categories are excluded from the Insertion Fee Sale: Tractors & Farm Machinery (91952), Heavy Equipment (25249), Concession Trailers & Carts (67145), Imaging & Aesthetics Equipment (92036), Forklifts & Other Lifts (97185), Manufacturing Equipment (92080), Metalworking Equipment (92082), and Commercial Printing Presses (26247).

    The Promotional Rate does not apply to listings with a start date prior to February 2, 2010—including those listings revised during the Promotional Period. Additionally, the Promotional Rate will not apply to listings scheduled to start after the Promotional Period.

    How do I get the promotion price?
    You will automatically receive the Promotional Rate when you list Fixed Price items through Sell Your Item Form, eBay Seller Tools, and most third-party tools

    *Optional Listing Upgrade Fees: Gallery Plus, Reserve listing fee, Subtitle, etc.