I get an email yesterday from a European buyer. The exchange went largely like this:

Buyer: I paid today. But make sure you don’t send my package through all that volcanic ash.
Me: Do you want me to wait to ship it out until the ash isn’t in the air? I don’t mind doing that.
Buyer: No, mail it today.
Me: ….?

I don’t have control over whether the package goes through the ash or not. No carrier is currently offering a special “ash-free” service. I explained this to the buyer. (The first part, not the second part where I come off as a jerk. That was just to be funny.) I also reminded that international shipping takes so long it will probably arrive once the ash is gone anyway.

But I made the package as “ash free” as I could, making sure ash wouldn’t get in. But am I going to get blamed if I arrives with some volcanic dust on it?

This is the kind of stuff they just don’t cover in business school… šŸ˜‰