eBay, honey, let’s talk about your marketing. You have done this to us many, many times before and this time I decided to take a screenshot.

You sent me “recommendations just for you” and asked if I was still interesting in what I recently looked at.

Why yes, I am interested in those items on the bottom. You know why? I’M THE FREAKING SELLER LISTING THEM! With the very same account you emailed this to.

Now, yes, this time you actually emailed me 4 whole items that I wasn’t selling and for that I am really proud of you. It shows growth. Usually the whole email is just my own items so I appreciate that you are at least trying. But why in heck don’t you filter my own items as a seller out of the emails you send to me as a buyer?

But as head scratching as advertising my own items to me is, you know what steams my biscuits even more?

Let’s take a closer look.

She’s awesome, I know. You can bid on her here if you are into that sort of thing. But you know what’s amiss about this? Go ahead, click through to the listing, I’ll wait.

Yeah, she doesn’t have free shipping. She NEVER had free shipping so its not like your marketing hasn’t refreshed properly or something. You sent out an email to god knows how many buyers advertising that my item had free shipping when it totally doesn’t.

eBay, if you tell buyers my item has free shipping when it doesn’t do you think buyers are going to be understanding about that and blame you? No, sweetie, they are going to blame me for pulling a bait and switch on them with shipping. I understand that your marketing emails are designed to help me get bids and I appreciate that. But I don’t appreciate your doing it by misleading them.

Let’s work on this in the future, shall we?