I have another video for you and this is a bit more of a time commitment at just over 10 minutes but if you feel like you have the hang of it after the first example, you can probably bail halfway through if you are in a rush. 🙂

I’m trying to do these videos in one take so please bare with me as I work the kinks out of my little system. I learn more every time I do one of these. And I know the sound overlaps when we switch from Facebook to black but I was so sick of editing at that point I said to hell with it and left it in. 😉

I recommend watching it as large and as high quality as possible because otherwise the text on the Facebook pages is hard to read. Sorry about that. I know to do a closer zoom next time. Like I said, still learning. 🙂

But now, let’s talk about leveraging the power of Facebook tagging as a marketing tool, shall we?

PS: Have any additional tips? Follow up questions? Need a specific example of how to use tagging to market your business? Share your thoughts below and myself (and my readers) would be happy to help you out.