All summer, I’ve been doing Way Back Wednesdays where I dug out an old post from before I started this blog every Wednesday and posted it up with commentary from my perspective today. As this is the last Wednesday in August, this is our final archive post.*

What I had planned for my final Way Back Wednesday was a screenshot a friend of my took of my eBay store when I had a feedback rating of exactly 666. He had circled the number in red and written, “What kind of business are you running over there?” It always gives me a good laugh when I see it so I wanted to share it. Unfortunately, I can’t find it anywhere. I know I kept it, I just have no idea what I would have named the file. So if I ever find it, I’ll post it, I swear.

So for this final Way Back Wednesday, I have three little posts for you.

First up is, Am I a bad person for selling my wedding dress on eBay? which is a post over on my writing blog from 2008, before I started The Whine Seller. It’s not really eBay related in the strictest sense but you will probably enjoy it.

The next two posts are cheats. They were both originally written on my personal blog but I cheated and moved them over to The Whine Seller this week and just back dated them to the date they were originally posted on the other blog. It just made sense to do that since they really don’t belong on the old blog anymore. But they are the last of the “old” e-commerce posts never before seen on The Whine Seller so I wanted to highlight them here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed (or at least tolerated) this little journey into the past with me this summer. It was really interesting for me to look at the old posts and see how my opinions have changed (or not).

*=As far as I know, I have posted every “real” e-commerce post that pre-dates this blog. But I actually used to have another eBay blog that was anonymous where I was much, much less behaved and would write up my seller and buyer horror stories in a humorous way. Those posts may someday come crawling out of the archives, you can never tell. šŸ˜‰

Hope everyone had a wonderful and productive summer! Here’s to a profitable and efficient autumn…

The Whine Seller