Jimmy Kimmel, friend to the Muppets, (which is actually how I judge celebrities as worth my attention or not) is starting a movement mostly for the sake of comedy called NUD or National UnFriend Day. I’ll let him tell you about it himself:

I understand that this is largely a joke and yet… I like the idea. I really need to go through my friends list and start to steer people I don’t know in real life to my Facebook page because I really only use my profile to talk to immediate family and friends.

But the problem is that for those of us that have been thinking of trimming down our Facebook lists anyway, does unfriending someone on NUD make it more or less of an insult than if I were to, say, do it today? It is a moral quandary.

Part of me feel like actually waiting to unfriend people on November 17th would make it less of an insult because its a silly thing everyone is doing and another part feel like then you can unfriend them before they unfriend you if that is something that concerns you. (I’m actually hoping for the opposite and that some of these people I want to unfriend, unfriend me first me so then I get to be the innocent party instead of making them mad at me. :-))

But, on the flip side, you know someone is going to bust out some statistic about how many people were actually unfriended on that day and it boils down to: do you want to be a part of that number or what?

For those of us that use Facebook for both business and personal, this is a whole different issue. If you use your profile for business, obviously you don’t want to unfriend anyone. But if you have a business page and only use your profile for personal reasons (like I do), you may have a few business contacts or online only friends that snuck into your friend’s list on your profile instead of your page. Is now the time to gently steer them to your page instead?

How do you feel about this? Have you been planning to trim your friends list anyway? Will this be an extra incentive to do it?