Just a heads up that, this week and the next, I’m on “vacation.” Normal people, they go on vacations but us sellers, we go on “vacations.”

What’s the difference? Well, going on “vacation” means…

  • We’ll still be checking email.
  • We’ll still be filling and shipping orders.
  • We’ll still be social networking it up on Facebook and Twitter.
  • We’ll still be marketing and maintaining our stores. 
  • We’ll still be blogging and tweeting so we don’t lose customers or followers.
  • We’ll still be dealing with angry customers and getting swore at. 
  • We’re “off from work” in the sense that we aren’t supposed to be doing any work, but we are anyway because otherwise we know it will all pile up.
  • We’re thinking about work even while we’re trying to relax.
  • We’re pretty much doing the exact same thing we do every day we aren’t on vacation, we’re just feeling much more guilty about it because we know we’re supposed to be taking a break.

So, what I’m basically saying is, I’m on “vacation” so the status quo will pretty much be in effect. šŸ˜‰

Are you taking a vacation this holiday season or a “vacation,” hmm?