As a special year end offer, I’m giving readers an exclusive coupon for 25% off the price of banner advertising on this blog. That’s right, my already hilariously low prices just got even lower just for you to show my appreciation for being a loyal reader! 🙂 Happy holidays, indeed!

If you find this blog helpful, I do hope you’ll consider buying a banner ad to support the site. It would be much appreciated! I’m offering them as such super low prices because I really want/need to get all the slots sold before the new year and I need your help making that happen. You can have a banner running on this site for months for less than a cup of coffee! But there are a limited number of slots for each space so once they are sold out, that’s it until someone else’s campaign runs out to open up a slot. So don’t dilly dally if you want one!

To sweeten this deal, I’m also extending this offer to future podcast episode sponsorship. The podcast won’t debut for another month but this gives you a chance to get reserve your spot before anyone else has a chance.

This applies to every ad space on the site, including the banner in the site header that gets the most clicks on the whole site! Wouldn’t you love to snag that one before someone else does, hmm?

It calls to you, doesn’t it?

How do you get the discount? Email me with the subject Whine Seller Ad Discount or send me your email on Twitter and mention the ad discount. I’ll reply back with an exclusive code that you can use to purchase advertising directly from my Advertising Webstore at a 25% discount off the listed prices.

Tips for making the most out of your coupon:

  • The coupon is for 25% your total order with no maximum limit but it can only be used once. Grab multiple ad spots at once to maximize your savings!
  • The coupons expire January 2nd, 2011 so be sure to use it as soon as you get it to avoid disappointment. 
  • I’ll start running your ad as soon as I get your banner and link so be sure to send it over ASAP. Get it to me soon enough and it could start running before Christmas!

An ad you buy today should take you well into the New Year where I’ve got lots of exciting things planned that should bring you lots of nice traffic. Prices will also go up in the future so now is your best chance to grab them at the lowest possible price. I’ll be grandfathering in advertisers at the price they started at so better get in on that action at the ground floor!

There are four different ad locations to choose from at different price levels to fix every budget so please take a look.

Here are the nitty gritty details:

Our site advertising uses AdRotate which goes by impressions rather than hits. While you may share this ad space with other banners, banners rotate randomly and you can rest knowing you are assured the given number of impressions even if sharing the spot. We sell a limited number of ads at a time to ensure maximum exposure.

Upon purchase, buyers should email us their banner image and link. Ads will be activated within one week or less of receipt of banner and link. Advertiser will be given their own login through which they can check the ad progress including number of clicks & impressions.

If you would prefer to order advertising by the number of clicks or by a given amount of time instead of impressions, please contact me for a custom quote. We can also offer a discount when purchasing multiple ad spots in the same order.

Consider this discount a little gift from me to you. You’d be hard pressed to find targeted banner ads cheaper per impression than this!

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!