While I was on RRB Radio last week (you can catch the replay here), we talked about several tips for eBay Trading Assistants. Apparently that segment caused some confusion so I want to take this opportunity to clear some things up because I’m getting phone calls.

  • If you want to hire a local Trading Assistant to sell your stuff, start looking in the eBay directory. Do not call me with the expectation that I will read the entire directory aloud to you or pick one out for you.
  • During the podcast, Melinda asked me for the url of my eBay store while we were discussing a completely different topic. This does not mean that my eBay store is the Trading Assistant directory. Please do not call me berating me or to tell me that I or my store “suck” because it didn’t list a local TA for you. Your state of confusion has nothing to do with me or my store.
  • If any of you had left an email address or Twitter name or something in your message, I would have been happy to send you a quick note to set you straight. But if all you leave is a phone number, I’m certainly not going to waste my time and call someone who has already been rude to me. Yes, I try to help people sell on eBay but I’m NOT eBay support and I don’t have to drop everything, take your abuse and cater to your every whim when you haven’t even bought something from me!

People never cease to amaze me. And not in a good way…