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One of the most popular series on this site is our series about publishing eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle platform. I’ve highlighted these posts below for easy review:

One of the biggest requests I’ve had since I run this series is for a follow up that covers the specifics of how to format your content to make it look the best it can on the Kindle. I didn’t feel qualified to cover this topic myself as this is something I still struggle with so I’m bringing in a professional.

Tune in tomorrow for a guest post from Elmore Hammes, an author and publishing service provider (not to mention really nice guy and friend of mine) who’s formatted hundreds of eBooks for the Kindle since the platform launched both for his own content and for paying clients. He’s going to give us some tips on formatting your Kindle content.

What other aspect of Kindle publishing would you like me to cover in the future? Let me know and I’d be happy to oblige!