Alarm clock

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I like getting up early. In theory.

I love getting up and having the whole day stretch before me, filled with possibilities. I love it when I’ve accomplished a ton of things before the clock has even hit noon. I love the way getting up extra early literally gives me more hours in the day.

But you know what else I love? Sleeping in. Not setting an alarm and just getting up when I feel like it.

I think this comes down to more then being a morning or night person. I’m definitely a night owl but I love the mornings for getting work done. Is the question really a matter of liking extra sleep more then I like a few extra hours of productivity? Or are some people genuinely more productive at certain hours of the day?

If you have the luxury of being able to set your own hours, do you set an alarm and get up early or do you sleep until you feel like getting up? Do you often long for the opposite?

What role does sleep and your alarm clock play in your work week?