I came back from my midday errands today to the sad news now traveling around the e-commerce community. Sue Bailey, one of the founders of TameBay and an all around wonderful person, passed away this morning. Dan from TameBay has written up a brief post about her passing and encourages tributes to her there: Farewell Sue Bailey

I am shocked and upset by this news. I really liked Sue. She was nice and funny and kind and it makes me very sad that she has passed before her time.

And then I think to myself, isn’t that weird? I’ve never met her in person, spoke to her on the phone and we probably wouldn’t have known each other if we’d passed on the streets. We’ve talked many times online but we didn’t actually know each other “for real.” I have no idea what her daily life was like any more than that she knows what mine was like. We were internet friends only. What right do I have to say anything about her when I barely knew her?

Then I was thinking about what Dan wrote in his post. That Sue touched many people worldwide. They, myself included, felt a connection to her through her posts on TameBay, her WordPress business, her Twitter account. While an online connection may not be exactly the same as a “real life” connection, it can never the less be strong and affection can be just as real. Though I find myself now wishing I knew her better that doesn’t change the fact that I’m glad to have known her. Period.

I’m not really sure what I’m saying other than just, when everywhere you see people decrying the lack of human connection, it’s somewhat comforting to know we can still make strong bonds when we’re communicating through the keyboard.

RIP Sue.