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The nice folks at Kabbage have been using the awards season as an excuse to give out some e-commerce awards of their own creation. The previous week they gave out the Golden Globes and this week they gave out the Oscars. Here’s what they had to say about this very blog in their Oscars post:

Tells it Like it Is: Hillary DePiano

Do you like blogs that beat around the bush and don’t tell it like it is? When reading your morning gossip do you like it filtered with wishy washy pontification?

Then whatever you do, don’t read The Whine Seller, written by Hillary DePiano! She’s known for being persnickety, sure, and that’s exactly why she’s beloved. We look to her for great ecommerce advice. Just don’t expect any padding on it!

Hillary comes from a writer background (and you know how THEY are), and is the author of quite a few books. As a result, she’s really gotten to know the self-publishing world pretty well, and has some pretty strong opinions on that as well. If you’re not easily offended (or even if you are…she doesn’t care) head over and check her out!

They amuse me. Since I accidentally posted Monday’s blog post on Sunday due to a basic inability to know what date it is at any given time, I wanted to take this quick opportunity to thank them for their kind words. I like to think of myself as the e-commerce blog equivalent of Television Without Pity. Call it E-Commerce Without Pity. Spark the snark, spoil the marketplaces.

Though I don’t know about being beloved…