Judge JudyYou shouldn’t judge people. After all, you don’t know the whole situation. You don’t know what it’s like in their shoes.

So when your friend from high school asks for a loan because he can’t afford to get his car fixed and then a week later his Facebook status brags about the island vacation he just booked, you aren’t supposed to judge. Even if you sure as hell aren’t going on a fancy island vacation. Even if you probably would have paid your friends back before you spent yet more money you didn’t have.

And when you co worker spends the whole lunch break in tears after a breakdown about how deep in debt they are, you aren’t supposed to judge when she later spends the entire windfall of a larger than expected tax refund by buying a massive television. You’re supposed to say, “Why, yes, of course you deserved a special treat after all that worrying about money!” instead of pointing out that maybe that money should have gone, I don’t know, to alleviate some of that debt she was crying about?

And you sure aren’t supposed to judge when someone complains that their business would be just as successful as yours but they just don’t have any time to work on it! Oh! But did you watch American Idol last night? Oh, you didn’t? Well, I’d work on my business too but there’s just so many good shows on!

Basically, what I’m saying is that I suck at this.

Judge me if you will.