Maybe it’s the controlled substance grade cough medicine talking but I’ve always thought there was something magical about a Leap Year. Yes, yes I know it’s just a silly little accounting blip to keep our calendar in control but forget about that for a minute. We tend to take them for granted because we get one every four years but it’s a random extra day! There is a bonus day in this year… an extra 24 hours that wasn’t in the last year and won’t be in the next. How is that not awesome?

Isn’t that what those of us building our businesses are always asking for? More time? It’s a Get an Extra Turn card we only get to draw every four years. A calendar error in our favor!

Instead of just treating today like just another weekday, I like to stop and think about the leap day as a gift. What would you do if you had an extra day to work on your business, an extra day to devote to your family or your passions? OK, maybe February 29th is already so packed that it IS going to look a lot like just another weekday but that doesn’t mean you can’t reschedule your Leap Day for another day. The fact remains that there is an extra day in this year and you can dog ear any day you want as that day, guilt free, and use it do at least one of those things you feel like you don’t have the time to in a normal year.

What could you do with an extra 24 hours to spend with your loved ones? Could you use to organize that horrifying closet? To actually read that novel you wrote 10 years ago and haven’t touched since? To call those friends you’ve been missing? To indulge a passion, a whim, a goal? What if you had 24 hours… off the record?

You know how you have Mad Money that you keep aside for special things, that money you don’t let just go to the boring old day to day bills? Think of the Leap Day is Mad Hours. Don’t let them just get filled up with the humdrum every day, save them for something special, even if you need to spread those 24 hours out over several days.

Trust me… this is one of those little things that keeps life fun. 🙂

So, if you had an extra bonus day to do anything you wanted, how would you spend it?