Professor Matthew Hay ... assailed by the furi...

Professor Matthew Hay ... assailed by the furies of typhoid, measles, influenza, whooping cough and scarlet fever (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, if you read my personal blog (or follow me on Twitter) you know I’ve been sick. Specifically, I have whooping cough which my doctor informs me will last 3 months. I got it around mid February so I’m around the midpoint. My friends all scoffed at me when I first got it but apparently there’s an epidemic of it in several parts of the US right now and they talked about it on the Today Show and everything so HA!

(And before you ask, I was vaccinated for Pertussis (which is what whooping cough calls itself when it puts on airs) last in 2010. Apparently it only lasts 3 years. Yes, I know 2010 wasn’t 3 years ago. None of this makes any sense to me either.)

That parenthetical had a parenthetical. That should give you some indication of my frazzled mental state these days.

I’m on a TON of drugs none of which seem to like each other. It’s like Congress inside me right now with everyone fighting about freaking everything to the point where nothing is actually getting done. I was going to try to extend that metaphor but I got nothing so, yeah… I don’t feel awesome.

Anyway, the point. I’ve been working hard to make sure you didn’t really notice that I was out of commission by making sure there was always a post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as usual.  But, the post you saw on Wednesday on Blogger’s Block was the last of my large stockpile of pre-written blog posts for emergencies. I have no blog post for you today (unless this counts… does this count?) and may not get a chance to write one before Monday. (Or I may write seven tomorrow. You never know with me.) I have a massive Trading Assistant gig going on right now so I’m using all my well-enough-to-be-productive hours on that.

Also in my “should be done by now” queue:

  • My Kabbage award acceptance video, which I hope to be able to do next week since I’m not coughing as much
  • I have not one but two eBooks *almost* ready for publication that final steps have been delayed on since I pretty much lost the last month and a half of my life  so watch for those soon

So, the point of this blog post is to thank you for your patience and to ask for a little more of it. I know every piece of blog advice out there is like “OMG post on a regular schedule or you’ll lose all your readers!!!!” and, while I would like to think that none of you are that fickle, I figured it was better to explain than let you think I’d closed up shop or something.

And, hey, for all I know I’ll feel a million times better next week and there will be no interruption at all!