My wifi kept dropping out through out the conference this week so I only got to tweet for about half of one session which was annoying. But as I was reviewing the tweets I missed, I thought it might be helpful to compile some of the best tips and most important info we learned over the course of the two day program for those that weren’t able to attend. And what better way to determine what people thought was the most important than taking a look at what they tweeted!

There were some fantastic people who took the time to take excellent notes on certain sessions that they tweeted out for the benefit of everyone so you’ll see a lot of repeat people on the list below and that’s just because they were consistently providing quality commentary and notes throughout the event. I’ve taken pains to only share tweets below that I believe work out of context because what good would the info be to you otherwise? Also, every tweet below is the embed of a real tweet that you can reply, favorite or retweet so please share the ones you find the most helpful and maybe give their authors a follow. Because these are real tweets below, they’ll only show as tweets if Twitter is working. If Twitter goes down, they’ll just look like links. If they are only showing as links, give them a few minutes and come back and refresh the page.

I’ll be doing a review and recap of the event myself in the near future but I thought this was a great way to give you a taste of what you may have missed in the meantime. (This will be split up over several pages for faster loading and less Twitter heart attacks.)

First, tips for mobile selling…