I just wanted to hop over here and make sure everyone effected by the TA program shutdown remembered that tomorrow, October 18th, is the very last day we’ll have access to the eBay Trading Assistant portal. Reasons to log in one last time include:

  • Last chance to follow up on any selling leads and/or grab contact info for said leads
  • Make a back-up copy of your old selling profile for use elsewhere
  • Make copies of any materials you think you could re-purpose for future use (ie might old TA marketing materials be reworked to advertise the service you’ll offer after the program’s closure)
  • If you’re writing a book about the... Oh, wait, maybe that one’s just me! 😉

If you visit the main TA page today, you’ll get this scariness and none of the links actually work:

ebay ta discontinued

You can still access your TA portal from here, however, though many of the links (and some of the CSS) is broken over there as well.

While the shutdown of the program won’t really effect my consignment business all that much, I know some of you will be hit hard and wanted to make sure that you didn’t miss the deadline to grab your info before it was gone for good. I’ll be covering much more about this program, its shutdown and where to go from here in future posts (babies: turns out, they’re kind of time consuming).

What did you grab from the TA portal before it was shut down?