Via: Pastor PEZ: eBay Pez Hearts.

Speaking of eBay and Pez, did you know that there were official eBay branded Pez dispensers that came out in 2001?

Here’s the history according to Jill Finlayson, the eBay employee behind them from the site linked above:

The white stems are not authentic as far as I know. I was the toy category manager at eBay and made the limited edition pez dispensers. We only made the color sets for limited sale on eBay for our eBay community of buyers and sellers, and the glow in the dark employee pez dispensers (with the nostalgic peppermint candies) for employees in the US, Germany, and UK at that time. They were packaged on a card backing with eBay design and the early characters (apple man, etc).

Did any of you ever score one of these? Were they sold in the eBay store or only at live events like eBay Live?

What’s the coolest piece eBay-ana you’ve ever seen?