TAA_WS_blurbWhere can a Selling Assistant sell?

While Trading Assistants in eBay’s program were limited to selling their clients’ items on eBay, the sky’s the limit for the independent Selling Assistant. You can tailor your service to just the marketplace that you specialize in or offer multi-channel selling to maximize your clients’ profits across multiple marketplaces. There’s a wealth of e-commerce options available these days and you have the freedom to use the marketplace that best fits both your and your clients’ needs. Beyond the obvious choices like Amazon, eBay and Etsy, you may also consider selling items through your own webstore, offering local selling through Craigslist or even cross listing items both online and in your brick and mortar store.

While I’d recommend starting your service on the marketplace you’ve already got the most experience with and where you feel the most comfortable, it’s a great idea to experiment with a variety of selling options. Not only is this an extra selling point for your services because you can give your clients more selection, it’s also a good way to future proof your business. Selling on a variety of platforms ensures you won’t be screwed over like you would if your one and only marketplace changes it’s fees or polices in a way that effects you negatively.