La radio

Not this kind of radio (Photo credit: mariateresa toledo)

eBay Radio asked me to come on the show today to do an interview about this blog post: Take stock, course correct & acknowledge the moment on this, the exact middle of the year

Visit the eBay Radio website for details on how to listen live or to download the replay after the original airing.

I’m helping them fill a last minute hole in the schedule but this is going to be the first appearance I’ve done on the show where I don’t have a toddler wrangler to play with my daughter while I do my interview so I’m actually dreading it because, while she is the best little girl ever, she’s sick and toddlers, particularly sick toddlers, are just one big variable. So hopefully it will go fine and all my worry is for no reason but there’s a fair chance I’ll be like “…and you can improve your eBay business by– OH MY GOD, NO! NOT THE TOILET!”

Anyway, listen in. It will either be interesting or “interesting.” 😉