Sell Their StuffMy new book about running home based business selling items for others in a multi-channel e-commerce world will be available worldwide in both paperback and eBook this November 1st, 2014.

Looking for some extra income? Dreaming of working from home? Stop wasting your valuable time hunting for inventory and let it come to you! Right now, there are businesses, families and individuals in your community with great stuff worth selling who’d love for you to sell if for them. Why not Sell Their Stuff?

While the paperback edition will be available everywhere books are sold, the eBook will be exclusive to Amazon for the first 90 days after release to give me greater flexibility in offering discounts and special offers during the launch. It also means the book will be available for free for Kindle Unlimited and some Amazon Prime subscribers during the prime holiday season which should give it a nice visibility boost. If you’re a member of either of those programs, please take advantage of those offers!

While there’s no way to put in an advanced order for the paperback, you can pre-order the eBook here right now and you’ll get it the second it becomes available. Remember, you can read eBooks from Amazon on any smartphone, tablet or computer with the free Kindle apps.