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  2. What is a Selling Or Trading Assistant? The Ultimate Overview of Consignment Selling
  3. What does consignment mean? What is consignment selling?
  4. What exactly does a Selling Assistant do? What’s a typical day like?
  5. How does a Selling Assistant make money? Who can become one?
  6. Can eBay Trading Assistants still sell on consignment for others now that the program is gone?
  7. Where can a Selling Assistant sell their client’s consignment items?
  8. What kind of items can a Selling Assistant sell on consignment for their clients?
  9. Sellers, here’s why you should add Selling Assistant services to your existing e-commerce business
  10. From SAHMs to retirees, students to teachers: here’s who should start a Selling Assistance service
  11. Designing your Selling Assistance service from terms and conditions to services and features
  12. Money Matters: How does a Selling Assistant profit from selling items for others?
  13. Resale and the Selling Assistant: Sometimes it’s simpler to just buy the items outright
  14. Selling Assistant fees: What are they and how do they work?
  15. The Pros and Cons of charging a fee for your Selling Assistant services
  16. Does charging a commission on your Selling Assistant services maximize your profits?
  17. Charge a combination of fees and commission to maximize your Selling Assistant profits
  18. Here’s how I profit from my Selling Assistant business
  19. Should a Selling Assistant give their client a deposit or advance on future earnings?
  20. Should the Selling Assistant require a deposit of new clients?
  21. Who pays for what when selling for others on consignment?
  22. Should the consignment seller cover all selling fees or pass them onto the client?
  23. How discounted & free shipping offers affect consignment selling
  24. Shipping costs & selling fees are the least of your worries…
  25. Paying your clients their share of your Selling Assistant sales
  26. Calculating client payments on a Selling Assistant contract
  27. Method of Payment: How should I pay my Selling Assistant client?
  28. Reporting and reconciliation of a Selling Assistant client contract
  29. Build yourself a timeline for paying Selling Assistant clients without getting burned
  30. Money Matters Managed
  31. Your Selling Situation: Where and how should I sell my Selling Assistant items?
  32. Multi-Channel Consignment Selling: List your items on multiple marketplaces for greater exposure
  33. Practice your Selling Assistance service before you start taking on clients
  34. Do you need a storefront or standalone webstore to be a Selling Assistant?
  35. Is eBay still the best place for a Trading Assistant turned consignment seller?
  36. Does the Selling Assistant consignment sell from their own account or the clients?
  37. Should I have a designated selling account for my Selling Assistance consignment service?
  38. The 8 questions you must ask yourself before you start selling on consignment
  39. Good customer service is a selling point that can distinguish your services
  40. The benefits of having a PO Box or other Locked Mailbox for your business
  41. Designate a business phone line for more professional client contact
  42. Consider VOIP & internet-based phones like Google Voice or Skype over traditional options
  43. Offering pick-up services is an easy way to attract local Selling Assistant clients
  44. Should you allow Selling Assistant clients to drop their items off?
  45. Expand the reach of your Selling Assistant service by letting clients ship their items to you

What about eBay Trading Assistants?

eBay used to have the largest and best-known Selling Assistance program. Founded in 2002, any seller in good standing could register as an eBay Trading Assistant (usually individuals working out of their homes), Listing Assistant (eBay Motors), or Trading Post (which later became Registered eBay Drop-Off locations when eBay started to run afoul of local auctioneering laws) and sell items for others on eBay. Some third-party franchises sprang up as Drop-Off locations, and many are still in business to this day. Though eBay shut the program down in 2013 and replaced it with the in-house eBay’s Sell For Me Valet service, the eBay Trading Assistant program was really just an unnecessary middleman for what was already a booming business relationship between sellers and those with something to sell.

If you’re a former eBay Trading Assistant feeling adrift without the stamp of legitimacy you got from having your service officially registered, I think you’ll find that you’ll ultimately prefer the freedom of running your services on your own terms. Now you owe no allegiance to any platform, and you don’t have to comply to anyone else’s terms or contracts, which frees you up to offer customers enticing features eBay would never have allowed like multi-channel selling, email marketing or even external webstores. And while you may miss some of the marketing benefits of being listed in the eBay directory, that was only a single promotional opportunity, and not even a very good one. In the end, getting the freedom to sell your own way without being shackled to the fees and policies of a single platform is well worth the loss of the directory.