What if I’m already running a successful online business?

If you’ve already established a selling presence, that doesn’t mean you need to choose between selling for yourself and selling for others. Combining the two can often do more than just double your business. In fact, the more experienced a seller you are, the more successful you’re likely to be as a Selling Assistant. Adding Selling Assistant services to your existing business is a simple way to increase your profits, and it’s something any seller should consider offering even as part of a larger company. It’s also an excellent way to expand both by the scope of items you sell and by diversifying how you earn your income, giving you an extra protective cushion if things don’t go as planned.

Unlike someone for which Selling Assistance is their primary source of income, offering it alongside a healthy selling business makes it easier for you to only take on the clients you’re interested in. You’ve always got a back-up source of income if one part of the company has a slow month. Not to mention that if there’s a dead spell without any clients to tempt you, it costs you nothing to just leave your SA option open until something you are interested in comes along.