I’m an idiot, basically. I forgot to add a subtitle Sell Their Stuff when I released it. I think it’s one of the biggest ways I flubbed the release of the book.

What I I’ve published over a dozen books between my own writing and my company and almost every single one had a keyword heavy subtitle. When I released Sell Their Stuff, I was just so glad it was finally done, I completely underestimated the importance of those subtitle in making it show up for additional keywords and forgot to add one. I realized my mistake and have since added one but the damage was done and cost the book many eyeballs  by not being in the right keyword searches for it’s launch.

The Lesson I’ve Learned: 

Every mistake has led to a lesson I’ve learned over the years but I realized that I was placing more importance on the lessons I learned from doing things wrong than I did from doing them right. Keyword heavy subtitles were just a good idea I had from the start so it didn’t hold as much importance in my head as the things I learned from screwing things up. I realize now that I shouldn’t discount good ideas just because they were good from the start and that I have to remember the lessons of before, not keep relearning them.