For our purposes, a fee is a flat charge. You may choose to charge a fee per item, per hour, per client, per month or on a scale based on various factors. Fees charged can also depend on whether the item sells, on the type of item, how much the item sells for, or other factors. Even SAs that work on commission charge fees in some cases.

Here are a few examples of ways to earn your SA income through fees:

  • Per item fees can be a simple flat fee that you charge per listing or a tiered pricing structure based on what the item ultimately sells for. You can also determine a per item fee by type of item, ensuring that you’ll always earn more on something that you know is difficult or otherwise takes more time to list.
  • Fees can be used as insurance to make sure you profit no matter the circumstance. You could charge a fee on items that do not sell, an additional fee for particularly challenging items, or even a storage fee for keeping client items in your home or office.
  • Fees can also be adapted to an hourly pay rate where the SA would bill the client at the end of the job based on how long it took. This method ensures that your payment is guaranteed no matter how the listings ultimately do.
  • Similarly, you can charge a single flat fee per client. You name a single price to sell all of their items for them and they pay only that, regardless of what ensues in between.