There’s a theme on this blog and, even though it’s been going on since the beginning, I keep trying to stay in denial about it.

It goes like this:

  • I really take my time and craft what I think it a well thought out, well written, informative blog post and no one gives a rat’s ass.
  • I bang out something that’s not so much a blog post as it is an ill conceived rant in a few minutes and everyone loves it.
rat photo

What’s wrong with my ass?

I’m not going to lie, it’s a little maddening. Now logic would say, well, then, Hillary, stop taking the time to write good blog posts and just babble on like a dullard about any old thing and as long as you get all ranty about it, everyone will love it. But I refuse, darn it. Because I cringe when I write those kind of posts. I don’t even post half of them because they seem so pointless and, when I do, it’s usually just because I don’t have another post for this week so I’m like, eh, this’ll do, and chuck any old thing up.

I like to think, though the data doesn’t back it up, that the more refined blog posts have some greater benefit, like maybe they’re bringing in more traffic from search results but I think I’m kidding myself.

The only thing I can think of is that, since enough of you have told me that I’m funniest when I’m angry, is that people are drawn to those posts because they think they’ll contain a laugh or two when you’d maybe save an informative post for later when you have time to absorb it? Lord knows I don’t know.

But I wrote this post in about 5 minutes so this’ll probably go viral just to spite me…