Anything that can go wrong, will when it comes to selling online!

While shipping and selling costs may seem obvious, there’s a host of other expenses that can arise over the course of a Selling Assistance job. You’ll want to take the time to consider these options in advance so you can protect yourself against them in your contracts and agreements. Always make sure your clients understand the nature of any incidentals to avoid unpleasant surprises. Worst case, if a charge that you feel the client will have to be responsible for arises after the contract is signed, you can ask them to sign an addendum outlining the new charges. However, as they won’t always agree to such a change, you’ll want to cover yourself ahead of time wherever possible or you’ll end up footing the bill.

If any of the following are deemed needed or requested by either party, will you or your client be responsible for the cost of…

  • Repairs or restorations?
  • Appraisals or consultations with a specialist?
  • Additional storage for unwieldy or awkward items, a large quantity of items or items with unusual needs?
  • Vehicle rental for items that neither the client’s nor SA’s car can transport?
  • Packing supplies if the client’s item involves unique or unusual shipping or handling requirements?

Those are just a few examples of the kind of surprise costs a client’s items could incur, and nearly all of them could be a nasty twist if you haven’t budgeted for them or made an agreement as to who will be responsible.