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I mentioned a while ago that my next book will be a follow-up to eBay Marketing Makeover. If you’re really clever you noticed that the cover is already part of the graphic on the top of the page and that Miss Piggy (damn that pig!) accidentally revealed the title over on my writing blog. I was getting a little lazy with the secrecy because I expected to have that book out within a month or two of eMM and was going to announce it very soon. In fact, it even started to show up for pre-orders on some retailers before I pulled the plug.

What happened? Well, a bunch of stuff.

  1. I already have a ton of stuff going on this fall and I didn’t want to put myself in the situation I was in last year, having to stress myself to madness to get 4 books out within 2 months during the big NaNoWriMo non-profit event in November (which I run locally as an ML) and the holidays. Postponing this project took a little of that pressure off.
  2. Rather unexpectedly, I finally wrote a sequel to my most popular play this summer (it’s called The Green Bird and you can read about it here) and the writing and subsequent distribution took up most of the time I would have spent writing this e-commerce book. Buoyed by that, I then jumped right into another project I’ve been eager to start for some time and look likely to finish that before the year is out. In short, my fiction career is, for the first time, taking the forefront and that’s jockeying my priorities around a bit.
  3. The main reason I was rushing to get this book out was that I thought it had been over a year since I last released a book when really it had only been three months. More on my complete lack of concept of time here.
  4. I’ve also been having to face some truths about how the industry works and what I want for my career, something I’ll talk about more in length in a later post, but the net sum of it was that maybe this new book should not be published under the name Hillary DePiano. That maybe I should actually separate out my fiction and non-fiction writing at long last into two different pen names to make branding and marketing that much easier which means changing not only any future books but also any already out there. As my fiction career takes off, this issue looms bigger and bigger every year and questions I’ve had since Day One about whether I should be cramming the two very different halves of my life into one or now are coming to the forefront. This is a big decision and would be a lot of work if I decide to make the change so it seemed wiser to wait until I figure it out before I put out yet another book.

So, for those of you that already pre-ordered it, I’m sorry for any trouble the cancellation caused. The book is still coming out, I just don’t know exactly when and I’m not going to stress myself by setting a release date until I know it’s ready to go. If you already know the title and whatnot, I ask you to keep it under your hat under I officially announce it next year. In the meantime, as always, thank you for reading and for sticking with me all these years!