Two new reviews appeared on Amazon for my books in the last few weeks.

First there was this very nice one on Sell Their Stuff:

STS review

And then this great comprehensive review of eBay Marketing Makeover:

eMM review

And wouldn’t you know that sales of both books had a little uptick as soon as they went up!

One of the things readers don’t always realize is that reviews can make or break a book. The more reviews a book has the better it will sell so the very best thing you can do for an author whose work you like and that you want to be able to keep producing more books in the future is to leave a review. Even a review of a single line can be a big help and make the difference between no one ever finding a book and it selling enough for the author to write another one.

And, believe me, I would much rather be writing the next book than having to beg for reviews, so I am incredibly grateful to all of you that have taken the time to leave a review of any of my books so far. If you have read any of my books, particularly the newer ones, and would be willing to leave a review of even a line or two on Amazon, I would be incredibly thankful and you could know that you are making a big difference.