No one likes getting bad feedback, especially the annoying kind. From buyers with unrealistic expectations or complaints that are just plain wrong from the ones who clearly don’t understand how the feedback process works in the first place, it’s incredibly frustrating no matter what platform you sell on. But it’s a mistake to dismiss negative feedback because you can learn a lot from it and use it to better your business.

I delved into this topic at greater length in an article I wrote for eComEngine last week:

There’s no business cliche more overused (and misunderstood) than “the customer is always right.” Of course, customers are not always right, and they’ll always place their own needs over yours. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have valuable things to teach you about how to improve your business, even when they’re wrong. Feedback from your customers is incredibly valuable to you as a seller, whether left publicly, emailed to you or posted on social media, and you’d do well to listen. Keep reading