If you’ve been using SumAll to import your eBay data or utilizing any of their other free services, login and download your data now before it’s all gone! SumAll is moving to a paid-only service focused on social networking starting March first and everyone who doesn’t upgrade before that point’s data will be disappearing at that time.

In their words…

Dear Friends,

For years we’ve delivered data to hundreds of thousands of users for free. We’ve sent you email digests, thank you tweets to your followers, and provided analytics through our app. However, the cost of maintaining this service is astronomical (like in the millions astronomical) and has become unsustainable as a free product.

To continue offering you this service, we need you to become a paying customer. As many of you have been with us for years and supported us through our infancy, we’re giving you 50% off your SumAll Premium subscription.

The good news is your email digests and all the features you’ve come to enjoy will remain along with the amazing things our paying customers already love. Premium includes deeper analytics like when and what to post, who and where your key customers are, segmenting and demographics, and pretty data charts even your boss will like. Your support over the years has been instrumental and we want to thank you for that – you will receive this discount for life plus all the great things we will be developing in the coming years.

Sadly, in the next 7 days we will have to close all unpaid accounts. We hope you will be able to continue this journey with us:

The email concludes with a coupon for 50% off their new premium service which I will not be taking advantage of. (But you can! Go on, click it!)

In my original report about this, I was really annoyed with how they handled this whole mess but I’m surprised and glad to see that they revised their original timeline for this change and kept the data for people through the end of the tax year. That was very classy of them and I’m glad they’re giving people a week to get their data downloaded too which is nice.

As for eBay reporting, I ended up biting the proverbial bullet myself and finally subscribing to GoDaddy Bookkeeping (formerly Outright). I got an insanely good deal on the next two years of it and my trusty old copy of Quickbooks was showing its age so it seemed like time. I like it (mostly) so far and owe you a full report on it in the near future. But I’m sure there are others out there ticked as heck to see the latest free eBay reporting tool go away and it’s time once again to scream into the night, “WHY THE HELL DOESN’T EBAY DO BETTER FREAKING FINANCIAL REPORTING IN HOUSE?!?!?!”